Humble and comforting, Harding’s visions are gentle and uplifting; alternatively... With the faith of one who first questions God and then really listens for the answers, Harding invites us to ride along with him as he travels thousands of miles to Hopi Land searching for his life’s purpose. As the story becomes more intimate, he carefully tucks us into his blue corn pouch, and we gratefully accompany him as he discovers his Hopi connection and dancing light spirit guide. Anxiously and tenderly he unravels the mysterious promise of the Blue Star. Happily and joyfully he shares it all with us.

Gail Janus Kreher, M.Ed. TV Personality, Disney Hand Creativity in Teaching Honoree

When I first read Blue Star I was captivated by the evidence of synchronicity in the story. A unique set of synchronicities actually led up to my being introduced to Robert in the first place. At the time I too was completing my first manuscript based on the divine coincidences I had experienced since 2003. Our energies certainly matched / mirrored each other, and we naturally bonded from the start. I encourage anyone on a spiritual path to read about Robert’s faith, a faith that he lived out loud by believing in a dream, by letting his intuition and heart lead the way, and a story which witnesses to the bounty found in divine intervention.

D. Laureen Earnest Business Entrepreneur / Budding Author

The coincidences in Blue Star are undeniably real. The book has given me a great gift for my future. My awareness has undoubtedly been increased. I now enjoy the hope that life gives me through observation of everyday signs. I am thrilled to have been touched by the life of such a gracious man, Robert Harding. Blue Star has enriched my life and will surely enrich the lives of all who read this wonderful book.

Kim Bonoan Owner of Step by Step Productions and Director of Tricks for Kidz

I consider it an honor and a privilege to know Robert Harding. Being on a mission from God, he is continually seeking God’s Will. Robert “flies with faith” and endeavors to touch many people and heal many souls. This book proves that there are no such things as “Co”-Incidences just “God”-Incidences! I recommend it heartily to clear the mind and lighten the soul.

Carl T. Amodio, B.A., D.C. President, Whole Body Health

Robert’s story is an epic tale that has been spiritually guided every step of the way. From the busy streets of England to the heart of Hopi Land with several “divinely orchestrated” side trips and detours along the way, Robert unknowingly touched the hearts of many along his path. You are about to read a tale of transformation, initiation, and spiritual awaking for a common Englishman on an incredible journey half way around the world. We are blessed to have met him and are proud to be part of his story.

Jim Haggins and Roxanne Roberts Sacred Hoop Ministry, Colorado USA

No matter in who or what you believe, Robert Harding’s amazing journey to becoming a “spiritual conduit” will convince even the skeptical mind that we’re not alone. A truly inspiring story of faith and happenstance.

Bobbi Williams, President and CEO B Well Technology

Blue Star is the amazing account of one man’s journey as he follows the inner guidance of his soul. As synchronicities occur, Robert Harding’s adventure takes unexpected twists and turns. He covers many miles and meets many people. Robert discovers a mysterious rock which leads to a surprising connection to the Hopi. This inspiring true story demonstrates the unfolding of destiny by living a life based on spiritual trust. I highly recommend this book to all who seek their own spiritual truth.

Patricia Daly Lawn Spiritual Counselor and Author of Adventure of Spirit