Robert Harding, an ordinary salesman leading an ordinary life, just doesn't fit in. Not bonding with his peers, and with a constant, yet sublime feeling that something more than his routine life awaits him, he plods along like so many others. He is an island unto himself in many ways; never understanding why things just "don't seem complete" in his life.

Then, it happened. He has a vision of blessed Mary, looking like The Lady in Clearwater, Florida, that mysteriously appeared on the side of a building. This vision signals the beginning of a complete life makeover for the author. Inexplicably drawn to a quest to the U.S., Harding travels from London all the way to the home of the Hopi Indians. Along the way, he encounters fascinating people - veritable guideposts - and spiritual signs along the way that help him in his vision quest.

The quest? It is one surely many others feel; a tangible "knowing" that there is more to life than meets the eye, but one upon which few act. Join author Robert Harding as he undertakes a spiritual journey that changes his life, and could change yours - forever.