I returned to Hopi Land in February 2005. At Susie’s invitation I attended the Hopi Bean Festival which, as I mentioned before, is one of the most important events in the Hopi calendar. The festival was in Hotevilla and it was fascinating, although I have to say it was absolutely freezing up there on the Mesa in mid-winter. I was delighted to meet up with Lori as well. She was there spending the week learning some of Susie’s skills in carving and painting.

Since then I have made four further extended visits to the US, although due to time constrictions have sadly only managed one more trip to the West. Basically my time has been spent in Florida and especially Atlanta, where I worked for lengthy periods at Carl’s practice. I have had some very good results with healings, including one absolute miracle with a 7 year-old boy who had been seriously ill but now leads a relatively normal life. During the course of these last four visits I have also been fortunate enough to meet a whole new group of wonderful, spiritual people who have become good friends.

In between my US trips I have continued healing at my London church and have had some great successes there as well. I hope to write about these and my other spiritual adventures (of which there have been many) in more detail at a later time.

Certainly the “Plan” seems to have been working as far as the Hopi are concerned. Since her introduction to Susie, Lori and her husband, Neil, have been regular visitors. She has also taken “teams” with her each May to help Susie with the onerous but very important task of planting the cornfields. Lori has also taken clothing and other supplies for Susie and other families in the area, which I know has been greatly appreciated. Lori and Susie truly are sisters. I am so pleased at having been the one who made the connection between the two. I still marvel at how it has all turned out.

As for me, I still follow my intuition all the time and await my next “instructions” with anticipation and excitement. Until these instructions are received I will continue with healings and spreading “The Word.” When I look at the daily news headlines and see the way mankind is performing, I am left with no doubt at all that there is much spiritual work to be done.

Robert Harding